Introduction to Topic /10

Topic is clearly explained to the audience

Topic introduction engages audience interest
Organization information and location is clearly listed

2. Context of topic /25

Wiki page establishes social and historical context of organization
Wiki page explains mission of organization
Wiki page explains what this organization’s strategies are
Wiki page explains the relevant women’s issues being focused on
3. Feminist Theory /35

Wiki page explains why the chosen organization is an example of said feminist theory.
Gives specific examples to demonstrate how this organization embodies feminist theory
Wiki Page provides citations and specific information from course readings to support claims.

4. What do you think overall? / 20


Wiki page provides suggestions/insights into topic
Gives insight into future of organization
Wiki page gives list of resources and weblinks for events and actions pursued by organization

5. Wiki Page /10

Wiki page is easy to read by audience

Wiki page is error free (no spelling mistakes; no typos)

Wiki page includes works cited page

Total: /100