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Liberal Feminism


Rosemary Souder

Liberal feminists hold the notion that women themselves have the power to achieve equality. Liberal feminists do not wish for society to change in order to accommodate women, rather they wish for existing laws to change that are deemed biased towards men and unfavorable towards women. Women who are members of liberal feminist organizations hope that by changing existing laws, they will be able to show society that they are just as adequate as males and can do all of the same things as males, thus achieving their main goal, which is to spread equality among sexes. It must be kept in mind that liberal feminists do not wish to undermine men by fighting for the rights of women; they feel that both sexes are great and should have equal rights and respect for each other. Liberal feminist organizations focus on issues such as women’s reproductive rights, abortion rights, education and voting rights, protection against sexual harassment and domestic violence, and equal rights in the workplace.

The Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health, formed in 2011, is an organization that is made up of pro-choice activist who are fighting for the reproductive rights of women in the state of Virginia. The organizations mission is to inform Virginians about the “regulatory process and the impact that new medically unnecessary regulations on abortion providers could have on women’s access to health care” (VCPWH). The health care laws that are being signed by Governor McDonnell of Virginia are absurd and put women’s health in danger. Although the new laws and regulations may be “temporary” until the Board of Health votes and determines a set of regulations for hospitals to abide by, the temporary regulations have “threatened the continued availability of safe, legal first-trimester abortion” (VCPWH), thus preventing women from being able to rightfully and safely make reproductive decisions. Women involved in the coalition movement are asking others in the sate who also oppose these laws to join the organization and spread the word about the present regulations that are due to be signed by the Governor.

The Virginia Coalition to Protect Women’s Health coincides with the theories of liberal feminists because it maintains the idea that women have the right to determine the health of their own bodies. The activists within the organization will not put up with the government regulating what women do to their bodies when it comes to their reproductive rights and health. The coalition “strives to protect and ensure access for all women in all regions of Virginia to safe first-trimester abortion and comprehensive reproductive health care services…is opposed to excessive, burdensome or unneeded regulations that undermine patient access to medical care for political or ideological purposes” (VCPWH). The coalition has teamed up with other national and local based organizations that support pro-choice and the rights of women. The coalition also provides links for people who wish to show their support of women’s health rights. There is a petition that can be signed online that asks Governor McDonnel to protect women’s right to a safe and legal abortion in Virginia.