Radical Womenby Kaitlyn Asam

Radical Women is a Marxist/Socialist Feminist group that has chapters throughout the United States and Australia. They work in order to advance women by creating leaders who fight for equality both socially and economically. Their closest chapter is located in New York City, New York. Radical Women is dedicated to the eliminating all inequalities by recognizing sexism and destroying it. They fight for equality among all genders,religions,races, and sexualities.

Radical Women was founded by Gloria Martin along with Clara Fraser,Melba Windoffer, and Susan Stern at a "Free University" class in 1967. Initially Radical Women worked very closely with Anti-Vietnam protesting and anti-poverty programs for African Americans in Seattle, Washington. During the 1970's Radical Women worked to motivate women to take jobs that were originally reserved for men. They continue today to push for equal rights for women in the workplace and for reproductive health.

Mission Statement
"Radical Women is dedicated to exposing, resisting, and eliminating the inequities of women’s existence. To accomplish this task of insuring survival for an entire sex, we must simultaneously address ourselves to the social and material source of sexism: the capitalist form of production and distribution of products, characterized by intrinsic class, race, sex, and caste oppression. When we work for the revolutionary transformation of capitalism into a socialist society, we work for a world in which all people may enjoy the right of full humanity and freedom from poverty, war, racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and repression." (Radical Women Website)

Connection to Marxist/Socialist Feminism
Radical Women are a Marxist/Socialist Feminist Group because they are fighting for equality not just among women but in the entire populous of the country. Radical Women want equal pay for all people working the same job whether it be a man,women,transgendered or otherwise. They are also fighting for reproductive freedom and free healthcare available to all women including abortion and sterilization. Radical Women believe that all women and men should have completely equal rights and opportunities, their major goal is to completely eradicate sexism within the world. Radical Women believe by following Marxist/Socialist ideas then we will be able to end inequalities among men and women. Radical Women encourages their members to stand up and be leaders in their movement and the community, by enlightening the public they can spread their message and teachings.

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