Radical Feminism: Radical Redstockings

By: Brittney Gillis

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Radical feminism fights for the inequalities faced by both male and females alike. Radicals identify the patriarchal roots we face in inequality. Patrichary is a "social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family, the legal dependence of wives and children, and the reckoning of descent and inheritance in the male line; broadly control by men of a disproportionately large share of power". (Merriam-Webster) It is important to note that radical feminists fight for the equality women deserve, while still fighting for the inequality men face also. They believe it is necessary to empower the idea of equality for all instead of the contrary. Women face oppression by male counterparts on a large scale. Radical feminists want to promote this awareness by their feminist organization movements such as the "Redstockings".

The Redstockings organization is a radical feminist movement formed in 1969, in San Francisco, California. These fierce women do not back down from sensitive issues, instead they attack them. They believe in pro-choice movements, gay/lesbian rights, demotion of prostitution/ sex industry. "Redstockings women would go on to champion and spread knowledge of vital women's liberation theory, slogans and actions that have become household words such as consciousness-raising, the personal is political, the pro-woman line, sisterhood is powerful, the politics of housework, the Miss America Protest, and "speakouts" that would break the taboos of silence around subjects like abortion." In 1968, the Redstockings protested at the Miss America pageant to convey the message that women were looked at as objects, or "cattle". Building the phrase "Cattle Auction", the Redstockings movement called upon the idea that they were being shown off as a item or the trophy prize for men all over the country. (Redstocking) It is an interesting point to think about because of the nature of these shows and advertisement of women everywhere. It is important to recognize these ideas as real problems. Radical feminists believe that as long as these rights are undermined, there will be no real equality. Prostitution is blamed on the patriarchal system we live in. Men are viewed as oppressors that view women as objects or as certain images. These images can be sexual and or demeaning to women as a weaker gender. Each of these views, which radicals empathize, are noticeable everywhere around the world. Redstockings feminist organization do not undermine these problems but in fact bring them to the forefront. They look into the Iraqi women freedom as compared to other gulf countries. By examining freedom standards and rights in other countries we can start to understand the true problems of inequality by comparing and contrasting.The Redstockings hold many protests and organizational meetings in order to gain supporters. Once everyone is able to get involved there is a better knowledge base. Once the knowledge base is formed, we can then continue on to change. Equality is the main goal and this is what the Redstockings organization truly promotes.

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